Chariot Carriers Inc Cougar 1 Stroller with Strolling Kit - $584.95

The neighbors all admire how good you are about getting out every day for some exercise with your Chariot Carriers Cougar 1 Stroller; we won't tip them off to the fact that it's the only way you can get your little hellion to chill out and take a nap. A good dose of fresh air, the comfy padded cockpit, and the smooth-rolling motion of this advanced stroller is all it takes to send your tyke to la-la land. And an hour power walk does you a world of good, too. If you're feeling like doing more, swap out the included stroller attachment for Chariot Carrier's jogging, biking, hiking, or, if it's snowing, ski conversion kit (sold separately) and head for the hills. - $584.95