Chariot Carriers CX 1 Stroller / Trailer Chassis with Strolling Kit - $639.93

Chariot Carriers CX 1 Chassis comes ready to roll with the Stroller Kit and offers great performance and construction that can be easily adapted to meet the transportation needs of your adventures. Convenient kit mounting system lets you attach and remove the CTS kits with a simple push of a button. Main compartment features an easy-to-secure, padded 5-point seatbelt system with fleece-covered shoulder straps and hidden buckles. Removable padded seat bottom is topped with moisture-wicking mesh fabric; can be easily removed and washed by hand. Chassis suspension can be adjusted to supply the smoothest ride and maximize comfort based on passenger weight. Durable 2-in-1 weather cover with Quickclips(TM) provides easy and quiet access to the child compartment; also features a wide window with great visibility. Large, tinted windows enhance UV protection while allowing easy viewing; flap-covered side air vents let you adjust air circulation, or you can remove side windows altogether. Ergonomically designed handlebar features padding and lots of hand positioning options to ensure your comfort as you push the carrier. Hand-operated drum brakes are controlled via a removable lever on the handlebar. Keep on-the-go necessities easily accessible by storing them in either the included handlebar bag or mesh rear pocket just under the handlebar. Handlebar bag can double as a child's backpack. Sizeable rear storage compartment lets you carry more stuff for long trips; compartment folds up and out of the way when not needed. External frame design maximizes leg room and lowers the step-in height; ezFold(TM) design is simple and fast, and ensures the open carrier is locked into position. Built-in brackets allow you to store the Jogging or Cycling Kit (sold separately) on the carrier when not in use for easy on-the-go conversions. Lightweight 20 in. - $639.93