Challenge Latex Tube - $22.50

You may not consider the lowly inner tube when it comes time to lighten your ride. Sure, it isn't the difference between a steel frame and a carbon frame, but if you're counting grams, a pair of Challenge Latex Tubes is one of the least expensive ways to improve the riding experience.Challenge Latex Tubes have a couple advantages over their butyl cousins. Latex is much more elastic and puncture-resistant than butyl. Therefore latex tubes can be made thinner than butyl tubes. This means they are lighter and more flexible for less rolling resistance and better damping of road vibration. There is a disadvantage with latex tubes, however. Because latex is porous, they will lose air slowly. You'll have to fill your tires when you leave your tires overnight. Because of this, we generally use our latex tubes on our race-day wheels and run butyl tubes for training.Challenge Latex Tubes come in two sizes700c x 19-28mm and 700c x 28-35mm. - $22.50