Chaco Z/2 Yampa Sandals - Men's - 2011 Closeout - $37.83

Featuring the classic Colorado outsole, the Chaco Z/2 Yampa men's water sandals offer excellent performance in aquatic environs. Adjustable polyester strapping system uses pull-through design to give you a secure fit while avoiding the bulkiness of extra buckles and straps. Polyester webbing dries faster than nylon, maintaining a uniform fit in all conditions; adjustable toe loops add extra measure of security. Shaped polyurethane footbeds/midsoles feature a gender-specific design along with heel risers, heel cups and extra arch support for lasting pronation control. Toss into washing machine for easy cleaning or clean by hand with scrub brush, baking soda and water; avoid bleach and air dry. Vibram(R) Yampa nonmarking rubber outsoles feature 2-3mm lugging and water drainage channeling, much like the classic Colorado outsole. The men's Z/2 Yampa sandals can be resoled for a lasting relationship and easing of environmental stress. Closeout. - $37.83