CEP Recovery+ Pro Women's Tights - $149.95

In this day and age, every sport boils down to efficiency. Whether it be the food that you consume, or the liquidity of the movements that you make, we're all chasing the same dragon. However, we find that the media is more focused on the point of activity, while sports physiologists have recently started to place an equal focus on recovery. And with CEP's Recovery+ Pro Women's Tights, your recovery time will be nearly doubled, simply by wearing a pair of pants. Thank you, compression. Putting the 'recovery' into the Recovery+ tights, CEP gave these tights highly compressive qualities. Now, you hear the term 'compression' thrown out there often. However, its true meaning, especially for recovery applications, is typically shrouded in ubiquity. So, forget what you've heard about lactic acid suppression, and enter into the world of enhanced blood circulation. Without getting too scientific, CEP designed the Recovery+ tights to have different strengths of medical-grade compression in accordance to a position's distance from the heart. This is also known as graduated compression. So, the further from the heart, the stronger the fabric compression, and the closer to the heart, the lower the compression. Basically, this design places a pressure on the veins and arteries that forces the circulatory system to work faster. Accordingly, your muscles receive more oxygen, and thus muscle fatigue is thoroughly reduced. Not surprisingly, while the aforementioned attributes would be enough for most to call it a day, CEP was just getting started. For the actual fit of the Recovery+ tights, CEP approached the cut with an anatomic, multi-paneled, and contoured designed. This means that the panels are meant to support specific muscle groups, while the shape perfectly conforms to the body. In fact, CEP claims that these tights have been proven to accelerate recovery of injuries ranging from pulled hamstrings, injured quads, and IT band issues. - $149.95