CEP Progressive Night Run Compression Socks - Women's - $59.95

Life doesn't end when the sun sets; it only gets a little darker. Hence the neon and reflective CEP Women's Progressive Night Run Compression Socks, with all the benefits of graduated medi compressionimproved circulation and performance, reduced risk of injury, reduced recovery timeplus added visibility so you can run into the night. And think how stylie you'll look at the next midnight or 24-hour race. Strong, thin-knit nylon and stretchy spandex microfiber breathes and manages moisture for optimal performance Graduated medical-grade compression stimulates blood flow for improved performance, reduction of injury, and shorter recovery time Air channels help keep you cool and dry Achilles tendon protector helps aid this vulnerable area Anatomic fit and foot padding provide all-day support, impact-reduction, and maximum comfort Extra-flat toe seam prevents hot spots or chafing Odor-reducing silver ions help keep feet fresh Neon color and reflectors add visibility in flat light or after the sun sets - $59.95