CEP Neon Night Running Compression Socks - Women's - $32.83

Shine some light on your run with the CEP Neon Night Running Compression Socks. They're made with high visibility neon and added reflectors to boost your visibility to others. Increased oxygenation is proven to extend energy, improve the break down of lactic acid and speed recovery from intense workouts. Compression socks enhance blood circulation, fueling muscles before, during and after activities; run with less effort, and experience more speed and less recovery time. Highly-developed, circular-knit construction incorporates an anatomically correct compression fit for superior performance. The circular-knit results in a physiologically perfect fit for an increase in performance, endurance and recovery. Wear CEP Neon Night Compression socks prior to exercise to activate muscles for reduced risk of injury. Wear during exercise to reduce muscle strain and optimize performance and stabilization and post exercise to hasten the recovery phase. Padded foot soles help prevent blisters, and ventilation channels circulate cooling, drying air around feet; socks also support Achilles tendons and shins. Enjoy fitted comfort: right- and left-foot-specific socks accommodate to the anatomy of the feet; ventilation channels for increased airflow. *Discount will be applied when you check out. Offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9. - $32.83