CEP Dynamic+ Bib Shorts - $229.95

In the pursuit of compression, we've had our wallets sapped our fair share of times. Yes, even we've succumbed to the false promises of compressive salvation. However, we've never given up hope in the concept, and thankfully, neither has the German-based CEP. With its Dynamic+ Bib Shorts, CEP actually provides graduated, medical-grade compression that will stabilize your muscles and joints, improve your blood circulation, and increase your stamina. Basically, these bib shorts are everything that we've been seeking, and then a little bit more. And on the subject of fatigue, we'll jump into the main draw of the Dynamic+ bib shorts, their compressive qualities. You hear the term 'compression' thrown out there often. However, its true meaning, especially for race-day applications, is typically shrouded in ubiquity. So, forget what you've heard about lactic acid suppression, and enter into the world of enhanced blood circulation. Without getting too scientific, CEP designed the Dynamic+ shorts-section to have different strengths of compression in accordance to a position's distance from the heart. This is also known as graduated compression. So, the further from the heart, the stronger the fabric compression, and the closer to the heart, the lower the compression. Basically, this design places a pressure on the veins and arteries that forces the circulatory system to work faster. Accordingly, your muscles receive more oxygen, and thus muscle fatigue is thoroughly reduced. Meanwhile, power outputs and thresholds are increased. Not surprisingly, while the aforementioned attributes would be enough for most to call it a day, CEP was just getting started. For the actual fit of the Dynamic+ bib shorts, CEP approached the cut with an anatomic, multi-paneled, and contoured designed. This means that the panels are meant to support specific muscle groups, while the shape perfectly conforms to the body throughout the various motions of a cycling. - $229.95