Minnesota Trapline Products Caven s Quality Animal Lures - Natural - $7.99

For nearly 40 years, Cavens Lures have been the gold standard among many trappers and are top producers on the most demanding trap lines in the country. Only select, premium and fresh ingredients go into every custom lure, maximizing attracting power. Made in USA. Size: 1-oz. glass jar. Available: Minnesota Red Extremely thick and heavy gland lure thats extremely attractive to red and gray fox, raccoon and coyote. Canine Force This food/call lure is a potent mixture of food and calling ingredients that brings various predators into your sets. Its powerful calling properties are ideal for cold-weather trapping. Timber One of the most versatile lures on the market, its appealing to beaver, bobcat, fox, muskrat, raccoon, mink and coyotes. Thick waterproof base performs well in rainy conditions or at water sets. Bread and Butter A custom blend of food and calling ingredients and oils produce a piercing sweet odor thats a must when trapping muskrats. This lure has also proven its value when targeting raccoons. Mink Master Strong gland lure combined with essential oils and weasel musk appeals to the minks territorial nature and brings them in. Effective as a change-up predator lure at your flat or post sets. Moonshine Super-sweet food and calling lure thats a combination of select oils in a thick base for effective use in any weather condition. Its an excellent choice when using dogproof traps. Yodel Dog Thick, long-lasting natural gland lure that really stirs up howlers. Called Yodel Dog, its made of glands aged to perfection. Its the answer to post sets, and really dresses u Color: Natural. Type: Baits & Lures. - $7.99