CatEye TL-LD130 Headlight - $8.95

With CatEye's TL-LD130 Headlight, you receive a compact design, triple-LED safety, and an economical price. The white LED X3 light source provides three modes of display -- constant, flashing, and random flashing -- to let choose how you'd like to be seen by others while out on the roads. Two batteries are included and provide up to 150 hours of run time (in flashing mode). CatEye's exclusive FlexTight bracket lets you securely attach the light to your bars, and the included clothing clip allows you to mount the TL-LD130 on your helmet, jacket, or bag. The CatEye TL-LD130 is 36.0 X 77.0 X 24.0mm and weighs approximately 48 grams (with bracket and batteries). - $8.95