CatEye Sumo 2 Headlight - $349.95

We don't have to tell you about the importance of being seen on the road. But, we find it unfortunate that most take this message as one that condones little blinky-blinky lights. No, you need to see what's in front of you, and the CatEye Sumo 2 Headlight assists with just that. To start, CatEye incorporated two LED bulbs that exude up to 3500 candlepower. If you're used to reading output levels in terms of lumens, let us explain how this varies from candlepower. While lumens is the calculated measure of how much light a bulb produces in all directions, candlepower is the measure of light intensity at the center of a spotlight beam in one direction. How does this translate' Messily, but our contacts at CatEye assure us that the Sumo 2 has a 1000 lumen output. So, whether you're illuminating the road or trail ahead of you, this light will provide nearly as much output as a car's high-beams. We're being completely serious, the average headlight's high beams illuminate around 1200 lumens. For durability, the Sumo 2's LEDs rest in a sturdy all aluminum housing. Additionally, the light has also been designed to be water-resistant. So, you can depend on the Sumo 2 as the conditions become less than ideal. For attachment, CatEye incorporated its tried-and-true FlexTight bracket that simply attaches to nearly any style of handlebar. In terms of modes, the Sumo 2 has four. For a maximum output, and the shortest battery life, there's Dynamic. The next three, Normal, All-night, and Flashing, move from solid to flashing. All in all, the Sumo 2's rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a life range from 1 to 35 hours depending on your mode selection. However, when your ride is done, CatEye predicts that a full recharge of the battery can be performed in around five hours and an 80% recharge will take around 2.5 hours. The CatEye Sumo 2 Headlight is available in the color Black and in one size. Each light comes equipped with CatEye's FlexTight mounting bracket and a charger. - $349.95