CatEye Solar Tail Light - $24.95

Admittedly, a fundamental drawback to most light designs is the need to replace batteries. And even with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, we still have a tendency to neglect its charging. Well, how does a light that you'll never have to charge again and that knows to turn itself on and off sound' Too good to be true' Think again. The CatEye Solar Tail Light uses solar power and light detection in order to make the easiest to use light that we know of. CatEye's Solar tail light takes a revolutionary approach to your safety on the road. Instead, of a traditional manual luminary system, the Solar's capacitor harnesses the energy of the sun for its power. And even more impressively, CatEye designed the light to illuminate independently at the slightest hint of darkness or motion. That's right, no buttons to mess with and no more forgetting to turn the light on. On top of this technology, the Solar lights up with a 5mm LED with an eye-catching strobe pattern. Also, the LED's light extends well out of the 50 degree axis, with ambient light extending to around 180 degrees of coverage. Mounting the Solar is a simple affair. The light comes equipped with CatEye's low-profile, FlexTight bracket that attaches to the seatpost. In terms of modes, the Solar has one Flashing mode. CatEye predicts that the Solar will experience five hours of strong battery life, and will only take around two hours to charge in favorable light conditions. The CatEye Solar Tail Light is available in one size and includes the FlexTight mounting bracket. - $24.95