CatEye Rapid 1 Tail Light - $34.95

How will I ride tomorrow if I just got hit by a car today' We detect an album reference. However, truer statements are rarely spoken. That's why the exercise of precaution is paramount to the safety of your commute, and of course, the stakes are even higher come nightfall. Lucky for you, though, CatEye created the Rapid 1 Tail Light in order to increase your visibility to motorists without breaking your budget. CatEye's Rapid 1 tail light approaches your safety with a less is more ideology. Don't worry, it's not a cutting corners approach. Instead, the Rapid 1 embraces its sole, SMD-LED bulb by utilizing its brightness, while creating a diverse, eye-catching strobe pattern. But, regardless of if you've selected a rapid or solid beam, the SMD-LED's light extends well out to the 50 degree axis, with ambient light extending to around 180 degrees of coverage. Mounting the Rapid 1 is a simple affair. The light comes equipped with CatEye's low-profile, SP-12 FlexTight bracket that attaches to the seatpost. However, the light is also compatible with CatEye's all-new RM-1 saddle rail bracket should you wish for a more streamlined placement. In terms of modes, the Rapid 1 has four. For a maximum output, and the shortest battery life, there's Constant. The next three, Rapid, Pulse, and Flashing, feature various stages of flashing motion and intensity. All in all, the Rapid 3 has a battery life ranging from 2 to 15 hours depending on your mode selection. Better yet, though, the Rapid 1 features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And even better, the battery uses a USB recharge method, only taking around four hours to achieve a full charge. The CatEye Rapid 1 Tail Light is available in the color Black and in one size. Each light includes the SP-12 FlexTight mounting bracket and a USB charger. - $34.95