CatEye CC-TR300TW (V3) Bike Computer - $128.83

The Cateye V3 redefines elegance and power. Ride farther. Ride faster. Ride smarter. Ride V3. The wireless V3 adds heart rate functions (four heart rate zones) and calorie consumption in addition to cadence and speed. The latest 2.4 GHz digital data transmission virtually eliminates interference and cross talk. Large screen simultaneously displays speed, cadence and time information. Integrated buttons keep a low profile, yet provide great feel and control. Patent-pending sensor unit combines the speed and cadence sensors into one sleek, reliable piece that mounts on the chainstay. FlexTight(TM) brackets fits on virtually all stems and handlebars: 22 - 31.8mm. Fits almost any fork: 11 - 55mm. - $128.83