CatEye Adventure Computer - $75.00

With the new CatEye Adventure Wireless Computer, you gain access to all of the crucial cycling metrics you've come to expect from CatEye, as well as an integrated altimeter. CatEye designed the Adventure Computer with its ease-of-use at the forefront of design. Accordingly, its ClickTec Plus design provides a simple-to-use, single button operation system. With the ClickTec Plus, the original ClickTec was rethought, now allowing you to press any part of the face to access your data, with or without full-finger gloves. This means you can easily navigate through metrics like current speed, trip distance, elapsed time, average speed, maximum speed, and now altitude. The Adventure's large screen is split into three rows, simultaneously displaying your speed up top, altitude and gradient below that, with all other data functions along the bottom. This design keeps all of your crucial your numbers organized on a single display, without having to fumble through multiple screens. With CatEye's new pressure-based altimeter and temperature sensors, you set your altitude at a known point to get a reference, and then you are all set. The Adventure also incorporates a second bike sensor recognition and slope angle. Another couple of key features are the Adventure's minimal size and weight. The CPU measures out to 57 x 34 x 15mm, and it only weighs around 30 grams. Additionally, the CPU setup is a simple affair, as is its mounting setup. In fact, CatEye includes its tool-free bracket that mounts to either your stem or bars. The CatEye Adventure Computer is available in the color Black and in one size. Each computer includes a CR2032 battery, mounting bracket, and an ISCTec sensor. - $75.00