Castelli Velocissimo DS Men's Jersey - $74.96

If the shape of the Castelli Velocissimo DS Jersey is starting to look familiar, that's because it is. From the fabrics to the fit to the hardware, it's the same design as both the Castelli Free and Punto Tre jerseys. If your eyebrow isn't raised yet, like the aforementioned, the Velocissimo DS is the same design found on the backs of Team Garmin Barracuda, only differentiating itself through aesthetic. Castelli constructed the Velocissimo DS from its proprietary Prosecco Strada fabric. This material was selected for three reasons -- its controlled stretch, light, breathable weight, and all-encompassing comfort. Going in order of operations, the controlled stretch of the fabric creates a supportive fit that dampens the effect of road vibration and oscillation in order to minimize muscle fatigue. Additionally, it permits Castelli to maximize the shape of the jersey for the perfect cycling fit. Secondly, Prosecco Strada features a lightweight composition that feels light and airy on the skin, while remaining highly breathable. This has been furthered through the incorporation of subtly placed mesh side panels. So, you don't have to worry about overheating during long, exhaustive efforts in the saddle. However, no matter how good the material, sweat is inevitable. That's why Castelli also gave the jersey its patented Prosecco treatment. This process is a topical, hydrophilic treatment that spreads moisture out over a larger surface area for rapid evaporation. Ultimately, it keeps you cooler and drier over your race or club ride. The Velocissimo jersey has been cut along a race style. In fact, an observant eye can see that the Garmin Barracuda Team jersey features the same cut, fabric, and components as the Velocissimo. But, what makes the fit pro-level' Well, Castelli designed the jersey on a contour -- this is most evident when the jersey is hanging on the rack. So, the seams are shaped to your body while it's in the cycling position. - $74.96