Castelli Velocissimo DS 6 Sock - $11.96

The Velocissimo DS 6 Socks are the 6cm cuff option from Castelli's polypropylene line of road socks. They are made to feel especially light on your foot. Because the polypropylene yarns don't absorb any water, the Velocissimo 6 is ideal for rides where clouds are looming in the distance, because they dry quickly to keep you comfortable. In order to get the most out of a road shoe, we prefer socks with compressive qualities that minimize the heel's tendency to slip under the effort of hard sprints and climbs. Accordingly, the compressive cuff and mid-foot strap of the Velocissimo DS 6 are particularly excellent at attenuating such unwanted movement by allowing the shoe to cradle the foot uniformly. The Castelli Velocissimo DS 6 Socks are available in the sizes Small/medium, Large/x-large, and XX-Large and in the colors White/acid green, White/anthracite, and White/ocean. Please note that Castelli estimates a useful temperature range of about 63 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit for these socks. - $11.96