Castelli Punto Tre Boys' Jersey - $34.96

Just because they're smaller than their adult counterparts doesn't mean that kids should have to settle for lesser quality cycling apparel. Castelli recognizes that younger riders benefit from the same fabric treatments and technical features found in high-end cycling clothing, which is why it developed the Punto Tre Jersey for boys. Castelli constructed the Punto Tre, like the adult version, from its proprietary Prosecco Strada fabric. This material was selected for its controlled stretch, light weight, and incredible comfort. The controlled stretch of the fabric creates a supportive fit that slightly dampens the fatigue-inducing effects of road vibration in order to keep him riding longer. Prosecco Strada also provides a lightweight composition that feels light and airy on the skin, while remaining highly breathable. In addition to this, Castelli also gave the jersey its patented Prosecco treatment, which is a topical hydrophilic treatment that pulls moisture off of the skin and disperses it over a large surface area for rapid evaporation. This exclusive microfiber fabric maintains the jersey's clean fit regardless of how much sweat gets produced underneath, keeping your little guy cool and dry throughout the duration of his ride. Adding to the fit, the Punto Tre jersey has been cut to a race style. Accordingly, the seams are shaped to the body while it's in the cycling position, and the jersey incorporates what Castelli calls, 'set-in'sleeves. This means that the seams have been shifted to allow the sleeves to be inset in order to match the position of forward reach to the bars. By doing this, Castelli eliminates unwanted bunching, pulling, and the abrasion that comes as a result. Castelli gave the Punto Tre jersey three rear pockets and a 14cm front zipper. Reflective accents were also added throughout in order to increase his visibility to motorists in low-light conditions. - $34.96