Castelli Presto Due Bib Short - Men's - $74.96

The Castelli Presto Due Bib Short offers breathability, moisture management, slight compression, and Castelli's bacteriostatic chamois pad, the KISS3, all for less than a decent helmet, a low-end jersey, or a pair of bargain cycling shoes.For the construction, Castelli made the Presto Due from its Affinity Lycra fabric. This material features the hold and support that we know from Lycra, however, Affinity provides more stretch and elasticity than many other Lycra iterations. You'll also find that the material is incredibly light and soft: 190 gram fabric weight, actually. This converts to around 140 denier, which, in the real world, translates to a slightly compressive fit and high thread count per centimeter. So, this means that your muscles will be protected from the fatigue-causing effects of road vibration and oscillation. But, why is the high thread count important' In a word, abrasion. By compacting the threads, Affinity becomes less course, lighter weight, and more gentle on the skin. Additionally, the fabric has been designed to be an effective moisture manager. So, during long, hard exertions, Affinity will pull moisture from the skin and transport it to the material's quick-drying surface.the bib portion was also designed with hot-weather cycling in mind. Castelli used highly breathable synthetic open mesh to provide fit, structure, and security without hindering breathability or moisture management. In terms of fit, Castelli designed the Presto Due bib shorts around the cycling position. Essentially, this means that the multi-paneled pattern has been cut on a contour, you'll notice this when the shorts are hanging. So, the shorts' anatomic design allows for a full-range of movement without the risk of fabric pinching, bunching, or chafing. The bib follows this design concept, as well, with a fit designed for the crouched pedal position. And extending the Presto's range of comfort, Castelli included its venerable KISS3 chamois. - $74.96