Castelli Presto Due Bib Knickers - $109.95

On the surface, Castelli designed its Presto Due Bib Knickers to look fast. In fact, one of the meanings for Presto in Italian is fast, which is why the knickers incorporate flowing lines and generous swatches of contrasting color. But, when you dig a little deeper into the design and construction of these versatile knickers, you begin to see exactly what makes them perform just as good, if not better, than they look. Castelli's Presto Due bib knickers were constructed using the venerable Affinity Lycra fabric. This material incorporates the hold and support commonly associated with Lycra knits, only it provides more stretch and elasticity. The 190 gram fabric weight is incredibly light and soft, as it's composed of a tighter weave than most Lycra variants. And in addition to comfort, this tightly formed knit also provides you with a compressive fit. This means that your muscles stay more supported than standard Lycra and will be protected from the fatigue-causing effects of road vibration and muscle oscillation. The smooth, semi-matte finish of the Affinity fabric also manages moisture incredibly well, pulling sweat from your skin and transferring it to the material's quick-drying surface. The bib straps further this moisture-management system, incorporating Castelli's highly-breathable open mesh in order to provide a structured fit without compromising breathability or moisture management. In the fit department, Castelli designed the bib knickers using anatomic fabric panels that mimic the body within the cycling position. This means that the multi-paneled pattern is curved, which allows for a full-range of movement without any fabric pinching or chafing. The bib portion follows this design, utilizing a large curved back panel and straps that move with you as you ride. For further comfort, Castelli incorporated its KISS3 chamois into the Presto Due. The KISS3's surface uses a skin-care layer comprised of a bacteriostatic fabric that conforms to the body. - $109.95