Castelli Perla Body - $119.95

If you need the seamless, comfortable feel that only a one-piece construction provides, yet you still need the support of technical shorts and a jersey, Castelli's Perla Women's Body is designed for you. A smooth, soft, and wicking fabric that's been couple with a deceivingly simple form makes this a piece that's at once supportive and comforting. Castelli constructed the Perla Body using its smooth and stretchy Softflex fabric. This material gives off both the casual look and soft feel of cotton, yet it provides outstanding moisture management and breathability. This material combines all of the technical features that make Castelli's women's jerseys so popular, only with the added benefit of having slender side panels that are free from any seams. This not only adds comfort while in the riding position, but it also means that the Perla Body stays in place and moves with you as you ride. In terms of fit, you'll most likely find the Perla Body strikingly familiar. Essentially, Castelli combine the Perla Bavette top with its Perla shorts. Why' Well, for the same reason that Castelli created the Sanremo Speedsuit. It provides a next-to-skin fit with the added benefits of increased support and, surprisingly, increased ventilation. Also, it doesn't hurt that you get the combination of two fan-favorite pieces for the price of one. For further comfort, Castelli incorporated it seamless, women's-specific KISS3 Donna chamois into the Perla Body. Basically, this insert is comprised of multiple layers in order to guarantee comfort. At the surface, there's a soft fabric skin-care layer that's been built right into the variable density pad. Not stopping there, Castelli also added a bacteriostatic treatment that eliminates the risk of chafing, saddle sores, and infections. For support, the insert places a maximum thickness and density in the ischial zone (sit bones), while tapering to a more moderate thickness in the perenium. - $119.95