Castelli Gisele Women's Shorts - $59.96

The Castelli Gisele Women's Shorts are soft, comfortable, and equally suited to both indoor and outdoor cycling. These are the shorts for the casual to intermediate rider that needs superior features in a day-to-day pair of shorts. Castelli constructed the Gisele shorts from the highly malleable and breathable Softflex RS fabric. With a soft, cotton-like feel, this material is designed specifically for women. However, with nearly the same return and direction-specific stretch as Castelli's race-level fabrics, we find these shorts to be thankfully absent of the shrink-and-pink design strategy that so commonly plagues women's cycling apparel. In fact, you'll find that the shorts are highly breathable, and that they effectively wick moisture away from your body to the outer layer where it's quickly evaporated -- even in indoor environments where a lack of airflow ordinarily inhibits this. Accordingly, you stay drier and far more comfortable. The cut and fabric of the Gisele make it one of Castelli's more relaxed pair of shorts. Multiple panels form an anatomic cut that provides support and comfort to fit a wide variety of shapes. The waistband is constructed from a soft microfiber, and it's been extended a bit in the rear in order to create the same supple coziness that you'd enjoy from a pair of yoga pants. The leg cuffs, too, are microfiber, and utilize soft silicone leg grippers to hold the shorts in place without any sense of discomfort. For added comfort, Castelli included its women's-specific, Kiss3 chamois. The Kiss3 has a soft microfiber surface with a basteriostatic treatment that reduces both irritation and abrasion. Additionally, the Kiss3 features a variable density construction. So, the chamois provides more support at points of high pressure, like the sit bones, while featuring less where it isn't required. This way, the insert is more adept at following your movements in the saddle, not provoking irritation as it resists them. - $59.96