Castelli Fumo Women's Jersey - $79.96

The combination of the Castelli Fumo Jersey's light feel and forgiving stretch make for an outstanding level of comfort. It's an appropriate choice for cyclists of any skill level looking for a high-quality jersey with sharp looks and excellent moisture management capabilities. Castelli made the Fumo with its Softflex fabric to give it a luxurious cotton-like look and feel. However, don't be fooled by its soft appearance, this is a polyester fabric with wicking abilities similar to other manufacturers' top jerseys. As you ride, Softflex's fibers transfer your sweat away from the skin, carrying it to the outer surface of the jersey for rapid evaporation. Softflex's reliable comfort and excellent breathability have also earned it a role in many Castelli jerseys, both up and down its vast product line. To apply the graphic design, Castelli used a process known as sublimation, which extends from hem to collar, continuing a printing innovation in cycling clothing that they started years ago. In case you're wondering, sublimation is a printing process where dye is applied under heat and pressure in gaseous form, which then solidifies into the fibers. And although other manufacturers have since gotten on the sublimation wave, Castelli's employs proprietary methods that its engineers won't reveal (we're told that it's a trade secret), producing a final product that stands above the competition. Techno-babble aside, the result is a brilliant, deep, and unprecedented print with paper-like clarity, that will never fade or peel. For the fit of the jersey, Fumo designers started with a basic race-cut and then relaxed it a bit for maximum comfort. The cut is comprised of female-specific anatomic panels that're pieced together to compliment the positions that you'll find yourself in on the saddle. A six-inch zipper provides generous venting, while the capped sleeves, and elastic hem-line securely hold the jersey's fit in place. - $79.96