Castelli Fuga Full-Zip Short Sleeve Jersey - $64.98

Though Castelli has made a point of creating jerseys that are cutting-edge even for the most advanced teams in the ProTour, it also recognizes that many of us are perfectly happy with training jerseys that offer adequate pocket space and a comfortable fit. It's not that we don't like having the best quality possible; it's just that we like to have enough coin left over to buy multiple jerseys for our five or six rides a week. The Castelli Fuga Full Zip Short Sleeve Jersey will cover all the bases in terms of what we need in a top-quality jersey while still leaving us with enough wherewithal that we can face our wives with a clear conscience. Castelli has designed the Fuga so it will give you a pleasantly snug race cut without making you feel like you are wearing the more complicated Aero Race fit that it pioneered. The fit of this jersey is still an improvement over the 'race fit' of other manufacturers' jerseys because Castelli has used a 15-panel construction an anatomical fit that matches your form on the bike. So when you stand up straight, you might get a tug at the arm pits and the chest might need to stretch a little, but once you are down into your tuck position hammering the pedals, it will feel perfect. Castelli incorporated five different lightweight and moisture wicking fabrics, placing them carefully depending on your needs. For example, where you need ventilation, like around the arm pits, you'll get an airy mesh. The mid-back panel has limited stretch to keep the jersey from sagging and shifting, especially when the pockets are full with everything you need for a five-hour ride. Speaking of which, you'll find three large back pockets and one additional zipper pocket for your essentials. The microfiber jacquard rear elastic works hard holding your jersey in place, too. Reflective tabs have been added to keep you visible during after-hours rides. - $64.98