Castelli Free Tri Distance Men's Suit - $149.95

Castelli's Free Tri Distance Suit is designed for long races where having advanced fabric technologies, built-in comfort features, and extra pocket capacity become the difference between merely surviving and victory. Triathlon apparel needs to match the level of dedication and training that you've invested into all three legs of the sport, which is why Castelli introduced its Free Tri suit to propel you through your hardest efforts. The bulk of the Free Tri Distance Suit is constructed with Castelli's hydrophobic Instadry Speed fabric. This material's tight knit composition holds your muscles comfortably in place, providing needed protection from run impact and road vibration. A notable perk to the derivative next-to-skin fit is that the suit won't cause any excess drag, both on the land and in the water. In terms of the latter, Instadry's hydrophobic treatment provides a smooth surface that cuts through the water. Additionally, this material prevents water absorption from weighing you down during your swim and causing discomfort after T1. Like Castelli's cycling jerseys, the Free Tri Distance Suit features a Velocity mesh construction at the back panel. This highly-breathable, lightweight fabric adds itself to the suit's flexibility, while reducing the internal temperature and transferring perspiration during the land legs of the course. Panels have been joined with flatlock stitching throughout, preventing chafing and irritation during your run. Additionally, Castelli's GIRO3 arm and leg gripper system comfortably holds the Free Tri Distance Suit perfectly in place throughout the versatile movements of your race. The Chamois built into the suit is Castelli's triathlon-exclusive KISS Tri. Castelli designed this insert to work most effectively while you're in the aerodynamic position on the bike, with unnecessary foam trimmed away to optimize comfort during the run and swim portions of your race. - $149.95