Castelli Competitive Cyclist Race Day T-Shirt - $24.95

We realize that, despite your best intentions, your body isn't always in the saddle. That's why we teamed up with Castelli to make the Competitive Cyclist Race Day T-Shirt. Now, you can represent while you're warming up, jumping up on the podium, or while you're watching Grand Tours at the pub. Is it comfortable' Yes. Stylish' Sure. A t-shirt' You bet. We weren't trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel, here, but we have to say that Castelli's cotton/polyester blend does complement the form better than your standard cotton construction. You'll also find that it's a little more stretchy, and it's also a little more cooling than your typical t-shirt. Either way, the message outweighs the means -- you ride a bike, and that's why there's no hair on your legs. The - $24.95