Castelli Competitive Cyclist Race Day Polo Shirt - $34.95

Every now again, we find a touch of class to be necessary in our lives. And if you're anything like us, this doesn't always translate to designer suits, but more to shirts that are clean, pressed, and have a collar. That's right, we're talking about polo shirts. So, instead of being nagged about your apres-ride slouch-attire, slip on the Competitive Cyclist Race Day Polo Shirt and make everyone happy. If you're worried about being en vogue, don't fret, the polo shirt has been around and approved of since the twenties. And if you're worried about being confused for a stylish horse rider, the polo was actually invented by a tennis player, so by definition, everyone is confused on this matter. At any rate, the Race Day Polo is emboldened by both the Competitive Cyclist and Castelli Scorpion logos, so there'll be no confusion as to where your sporting allegiance lies. And to ensure a great fit, Castelli added some elastane into the composition to give the perfect amount of stretch for scaling the podium to accept your World's Best Dad award. The Competitive Cyclist Race Day Polo Shirt is available in six sizes from Small to XXX-Large and in the colors Black or White. - $34.95