Castelli Body Paint Tri Women's Sleeveless Jersey - $149.95

The Castelli Body Paint Tri Women's Sleeveless Top is the race-day jersey option worthy of Castelli's Rosso Corsa designation -- a title reserved for products dedicated to speed and maximum results. Each product represents thousands of hours of research in order to reduce fabric weight, increase both aero- and hydrodynamic advantage, and to provide your body with the support it needs to save watts and regulate body temperature. Castelli constructed the Body Paint Tri Top from one piece of its Body Paint microfiber fabric. This provides a seamless fit that's equally fast and comfortable in the water, on the bike, and during your run. And while Body Paint provides subtle buoyancy for swimming, its absorption rate is minimal. So, it glides through the water with hydrodynamic properties akin to the newest swim skins. It also happens to dry very quickly when you get out, improving comfort post-T1. Additionally, protection over the last two legs is ensured through Castelli's incorporation of titanium-dioxide (the active agent in most sunscreens) into Body Paint's fibers. As a result, the Tri Top reflects the sun's radiant energy, keeping your skin cool and safe. As its name implies, Body Paint's seamless construction makes the Tri Top feel as if it were painted on. Accordingly, chafing is eliminated, and the top is absent of any bothersome bunching or pinching. Adding to this characteristic, the top is also unlined. So, you're granted more personalization options in terms of your choice of sports bra. Securing this nearly-custom fit is Body Paint's patented 'gripper' at the rear hem. Interestingly, the gripper isn't actually a gripper. A Body Paint exclusive, the inner layer of the body's Lycra is precisely 'stripped away,' leaving thin lines of exposed fiber. These 'reduced' Lycra fibers have a soft, yet firm grip on the skin, only without adding the poignancy of a silicone band. - $149.95