Castelli Body Paint Tri Suit - Men's - $215.96

Castelli takes aerodynamics to a whole new level with its Body Paint Tri Suit. Utilizing a low-profile, compressed Lycra weave and a near-seamless design, the Body Paint Tri Suit makes you as aerodynamic as possible. Castelli also incorporated its specialized KISS Tri chamois, which is specifically designed to cushion and manage moisture while you're in the aero position on your bike, then disappear during the run.Castelli's Body Paint Tri Suit is a whole new way of looking at specialized triathlon clothing. It feels as it sounds, like a barely-there skin layer that's been painted on. However, this isn't a byproduct of design, but the intent itself. In fact, every aspect of the design works to make the fit as precise as possible. This way, by eliminating fabric bunching and pulling, airflow passes over the suit more freely. Integral in this concept is the fabric selection itself, a soft, lightweight Lycra. Furthering this attribute is the suit's nearly seamless construction. The one piece design eliminates seams and overlap at the waist. The legs feature a one piece design that flows continuously to the upper regions of the shorts. This keeps the intended shape of the shorts intact, and in doing so, reduces your aerodynamic footprint in the saddle. This brings us to the suit's aero- and hydro-dynamic benefits. It all comes down to managing airflow, and coincidentally, the human body accounts for over 90% of aerodynamic drag on the bike and 100% of hydrodynamic drag during the swim. To mitigate this, the suit has been made to be what Castelli calls 'slippery.' By combining a nearly seamless design with a low-profile, compacted thread Lycra, air and water flow remains attached to the body as it comes off of the helmet and front of the bike during the ride, and the head and shoulders during the swim. Through this, turbulent air is controlled, and your drag numbers decrease. The Body Paint Tri suit also has a new feature at the legsdimpled endings. - $215.96