Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Long Sleeve Speed Suit - $299.95

Outfitting one of the best teams in cycling takes more than shipping labels and boxes. Instead, it requires countless hours of research and development, feedback, and frankly, pressure. On the backs of Team Garmin-Barracuda, Castelli feels the pressure to perform. And when it comes to the time trial, one of Garmin's strongest disciplines, all eyes are on Castelli. Such was the case at the 2012 Giro's TTT. Luckily, though, the team was outfitted in the Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Long Sleeve Speed Suit and won the Verona course. Again, the Speed Suit was tested on the last real day of racing by Ryder Hesjedal. Only 16 seconds separated him taking the pink jersey, and not surprisingly, he overcame the time gap and clinched victory. Can the Speed Suit alone take credit for this' No, but it sure didn't hurt, either. Castelli's Body Paint 2.0 is a moving revolution that was fast enough for Castelli to patent the design. It feels as it sounds, like a barely-there skin layer that's been painted on. However, this isn't a byproduct of design, but the intent itself. In fact, every aspect of the design works to make the fit as precise as possible. This way, by eliminating fabric bunching and pulling, airflow is free to pass over the suit more freely. Integral in this concept is the fabric selection itself, in this case a lightweight Lycra that can only be described as soft. Furthering this attribute is the Speed Suit's nearly seamless construction. The legs feature a one piece design that flows continuously to the upper regions of the suit. Essentially, this keeps the intended shape of the suit intact, and be doing so, reduces your aerodynamic footprint in the saddle. But, what is the intended shape' Well, the answer is both simple and complex. In its most simplistic form, the answer to go fast, but to deal with its complexity charts over the course of years. - $299.95