Carson C6 Disposable Lens Cleaners - $0.88

Perfect for all your optics and screen-cleaning needs, these C6 Disposable Lens Cleaners use Carsons Dry Nano-Particle cleaning formula to easily remove fingerprints, smudges and grime. Combo pack includes lens cleaner for use on binoculars, cameras, scopes, etc. Also includes screen cleaner and jumbo screen cleaner perfect for use on tablets and smartphones. Good for one use or multiple uses.Dimensions:Lens Cleaner: 1L x 1W x 2-1/4H.Screen Cleaner: 3/4L x 3/4W x 2-1/4H.Jumbo Screen Cleaner: 1L x 1W x 2-1/4H.Available:3-Pack: Includes one lens cleaner, one screen cleaner, one jumbo screen cleaner.12-Pack: Includes four lens cleaners, four screen cleaners, four jumbo screen cleaners. - $0.88