Carhartt Loose-Fit Canvas Carpenter Denim Pant - Men's - $47.95

If your favorite pair of jeans were to get in a fight with the Carhartt Loose-Fit Canvas Carpenter Denim Pants, the Carpenters wouldnt break a sweat as they single-leggedly slashed and tore those weak-kneed jeans into something resembling what an 80s-she-metal band would wear. As the name implies, the Canvas Carpenters come with a looser fit in the seat and thighs for a relaxed feel. But their easy-going look masks a rough, tough, and downright-mean disposition towards anything that stands between them and a job well done. And in addition to their plethora of pockets, these durable work pants also come with dual hammer loops so they can tote tools on both legs as a symbol of their authority over shoddily made imitators. - $47.95