Capo SC-12 Donna Shorts - $199.95

Let's face it, long base miles and races take a turn for the worse when you're caught unprepared. However, we're not talking about getting caught without a jacket in the rain --we're referring to the quality of your shorts. Lucky for you, apparel technology and fit are both improving every day. And as a result of this feverish level of innovation, you're able to benefit from top-tier offerings like the Capo SC-12 Donna Shorts. For the construction of the SC-12 shorts, Capo incorporated the HG Lycra fabric. This material is a certified Power Lycra, meaning that its fiber weight and orientation provide a specific level of compressive support. Basically, this equates to a predictable recovery after the fabric has been elongated, meaning that the level of stretch is engineered into the material. As a result, the muscle groups of the legs are supported, eliminated much of the fatigue-inducing effects of the muscle oscillation that results from road vibration. Accordingly, fatigue is offset, resulting in more potential power delivery for longer periods of time. However, don't think that HG Lycra is stiff or rigid. Instead, it features a four-way stretch that allows a complete freedom of movement. As a result, your movements remain uninhibited and free from chafing. Additionally, the material is quite effective at managing moisture. So, your skin will remain dry and comfortable over extended periods in the saddle. You'll also find that the Lycra's fiber orientation spreads moisture over a broad surface area after it's pulled away from the skin, which results in a heightened level of evaporative cooling. This means that your core temperature is thoroughly regulated, resulting in the conservation of your blood's oxygen cells. In terms of fit, Capo designed the SC-12 for race-minded rider. So, you'll find that the shorts free from any unnecessary seams or fabric. This extends the level of comfort, while concurrently eliminating the potential for chafing and irritation. - $199.95