Capo SC-12 Donna Jersey - $139.95

We don't have to tell you that comfort is derivative of quality. However, if the lesson is need of repeating, comfort is derivative of quality. This becomes evident on race day, when your mile 20 discomfort quickly becomes mile 80 agony. But, with the Capo SC-12 Donna jersey, you'll be able to focus on your race, not your jersey. For the construction of the SC-12 jersey, Capo incorporated both its CarbonE and HydroDrop fabrics. Starting with the former, CarbonE makes up the bulk of the jersey's construction. Essentially, this material is a warp-knit microfiber with visible Resistex carbon threads. As for the construction technique, itself, a warp-knit material is granted a natural stretch. Within the knit, the threads follow a zig-zag pattern along the length of the jersey. This allows more surface area coverage while using less material, equating directly to an airy, lightweight construction. In addition to this, the open weave also accelerates moisture transfer from the skin to the quick-drying surface of the jersey. This process is furthered through the incorporation of the Resistex carbon threads. And, as a whole, the two fibers work in unison in order to provide you with an effective UV and anti-microbial protection. Additionally, this material features a four-way stretch that allows a complete freedom of movement. This is furthered through Capo's incorporation of HydroDrop stretch panels. Located along the sides of the jersey, this fabric grants an omnidirectional stretch, while also benefiting you with its hydrophilic treatment. Accordingly, you'll also find that its treated fiber orientation spreads moisture over a broad surface area after it's pulled away from the skin, which results in a heightened level of evaporative cooling. This means that your core temperature is thoroughly regulated, resulting in the conservation of your blood's oxygen cells. In terms of fit, Capo designed the SC-12 for race-minded rider. - $139.95