Capo Piancavallo Wind Jacket - $119.95

As cyclists, we're all guilty of imagining steep mountain passes as solely warm and sunny tests of our grit and determination. However, the laws of science tells us that the high places get high levels of snow and terrible lows of cold. So, it's only fitting that Capo presents both sides of the coin with the Competitive Cyclist-exclusive Piancavallo Wind Jacket. As a tangible reminiscence of the storied Giro ascent, the Piancavallo Wind Jacket will allow to live your gloried daydreams well into the wet months. Capo's Piancavallo wind jacket falls under what it calls its Super Corsa Series. Designed to wrap the bodies of the cycling elite, Super Corsa places an emphasis on comfort, practicality, and quality. So, toeing this line, the Piancavallo was constructed from a blend of Capo's fabrics -- Flight+ FP2 and V Mesh. Flight+ comprises the bulk of the construction, striking the balance between weather-protection and breathability. Essentially, it operates as a membrane between the skin and the elements, with the fabric regulating the internal temperature by releasing excess heat between the material and the skin. And while this system keeps you dry from the inside out, Flight+ FP2's wind- and waterproof design keeps outside moisture from penetrating in. So, in either the spring or early fall, when rogue winds and rains are more threatening than temperatures, the Piancavallo will act as a dependable transition piece. Furthering this concept are the jacket's V Mesh side panels. These provide a needed ventilation channel during hard exertions in typically humid weather. And if you find more ventilation is required, make use of the Piancavallo's two-way zipper for on-the-fly heat dumps. In addition to prepping for the elements, Flight+ FP2 has been designed to be highly malleable in order to complement the cycling-specific flexibility of the jacket's cut. Capo made the Piancavallo with a lengthened rear hem and gave it a multiple panel construction. - $119.95