Capo Piancavallo Jersey - $65.95

Ask a seasoned Giro rider about the Piancavallo ascent (as dominated by Pantani), and you'll most likely be laying eyes on a broken spirit. However, if you ask the same question to a club rider, you'll probably receive a blank stare. It's this dichotomy of a lost sense of cycling history that's prompted Capo to create the Competitive Cyclist-exclusive Piancavallo Jersey. One part historical resurrection and another part classic Italian design, the Piancavallo jersey brings the past into the present with cutting-edge fabrics and a precise, modern fit. For the construction of the Piancavallo jersey, Capo incorporated some if its finest technology through the use of its Micro Quattro fabric. This material was developed in order to provide a physically light weight that feels airy and non-apparent on the skin. And in addition to this attribute, the fibers of Micro Quattro have also been designed with moisture management as a top priority. The material features a hollow-core composition that effectively pulls moisture to the quick-drying surface of the jersey. Additionally, this system is aided by pass-through air from the jersey's V-Mesh side panels. Accordingly, this summer-weight fabric's high levels of breathability and moisture wicking maintain a consistently cool level of thermo-regulation. And while the aforementioned characteristics are vital to comfort, the Piancavallo's mindfully precise fit trumps all. Capo designed the jersey on a contour, meaning that the seams follow the natural curves of the body. So, the Piancavallo provides a cut that's meant to rest in the natural cycling positions, not while you're drinking coffee at the counter. This means that the seams of the jersey are specifically placed for cycling, translating to a fit that's free from abrasion while you're moving in and out of the saddle. Capo has also included three rear pockets to house your ride essentials, and a full-length front zipper for on-the-fly heat dumps. - $65.95