Capo MSR-L Pittards SF Gloves - $44.95

No matter how badly we want to be the 'tough guy,' the benefits of gloves remain undeniable. However, the sad truth is that all gloves are not created equally. In fact, most either inhibit movement at the cost of protection, or provide no protection at all in the name of flexibility. Luckily, though, this isn't case with the Capo MSR-L Pittards SF Gloves. Now, Capo is providing you with the best of both worlds, protection and control. Starting with the palm of the gloves, Capo used the venerable Pittards leather for the construction. This material was incorporated for its resistance to abrasion and moisture, while also remaining highly malleable. So, your grip and feel on the bars isn't sacrificed for protection. At the back of the hand, we find that Capo included two materials, HG Lycra and V-Mesh 360. Starting at the former, HG Lycra is a 40-gauge, certified Power Lycra. Why a Power Lycra' Well, this fabric's muscle-holding support minimizes the fatigue-inducing effects of the muscle oscillation that results from road vibration. Additionally, this material effectively manages moisture, leaving your hands dry and comfortable over the long haul. Aiding in this ideology is Capo's V-Mesh 360 fabric. This material was placed over the knuckles and fingers for extra ventilation. But, more importantly, V-Mesh's 360-degrees of stretch allow a complete freedom of movement for the fingers. As a result, your reach to the shift levers, whether on the hoods or in the drops, remains uninhibited. The Capo MSR-L Pittards SF Gloves are available in the color Black and in five sizes from Small to XX-Large. - $44.95