Capo GS-13 Bib Shorts - $249.95

Capo's all new GS-13 Bib Shorts borrow many of the defining fit and style cues from its best-selling SC-12 model, only with several new fabrics and a revamped, more supportive strap system. The GS-13 (short for Gruppo Sportivo) is the latest step toward blending comfort, compressive support, and streamlined race fit into a single pair of bib shorts. Capo constructed the shorts' contoured top and inner leg panels using its high-gauge (HG) Lycra. The material's dense, three-dimensional design gives it more muscle support than standard Lycra blends, as well as abrasion resistance for durability in the high-friction inner thigh zone. Moving to the outer leg panels, Capo incorporates its lightweight microfiber Carbon E fabric for its high breathability and wicking properties. The leg openings receive a wide, single layer of silicone-taped Carbon ES fabric that gives you a gentle but secure hold without the bulkiness of any excess material. This simple, understated single-layer hem detail provides more comfort and breathability when compared to many overly-restrictive cuff designs currently out on the market. For 2013, Capo introduces its bib strap harnessing technology. This is a two-part strap system that combines Capo's fine-gauge microfiber Eyelet Mesh with its HG Lycra. Used in the straps' lower half due to its highly breathable and vertically elastic properties, the Eyelet Mesh is designed with a textured surface that stays raised off of your skin, speeding evaporation and keeping you cool and dry. The Eyelet Mesh is bonded to the laser-cut HG Lycra upper straps. This creates a vertically stable system that stays securely in place along your shoulders throughout your ride. The GS-13's chamois is Capo's Anatomic 4G Carbon Elastic Interface Technology (EIT) Insert. Its high-density, open-cell foam is bonded to an antimicrobial microfiber layer that has carbon fiber threads woven through it to speed moisture evaporation. - $249.95