Capo Dorato Short Sleeve Jersey - $60.00

I am a Golden God! Robert Plant is alleged to have yelled these words while staring down at the Sunset Strip. Though we doubt he was wearing a predecessor of Capo's Dorato Short Sleeve Jersey at the time, the imperative is about a feeling of greatness. Whether or not Plant intended it, it hews somewhat closely to historic fact; a native chief supposedly covered himself in gold dust dove into a lake as an initiation ceremony. He was El Dorado. The mythic lost city of gold came later.Covering yourself in gold might be the luxurious feeling you experience after zipping up this jersey. Your first glance might only reveal that while it is cut like a conventional jersey, there is something different about it. Just about everything is different about it. Your glance might have noted the caps on the sleeves. They are pretty tall. That's because they're bands of doubled-over HG Lycra. It functions as a soft, broad gripper, holding the sleeves to your arms and preventing them from flapping in the wind. While the jersey seems to have a traditional T shape, there are thin shoulder panels. This is also for a closer fit and better aerodynamics. But the biggest thing about the Dorato is the HydroDrop fabric that makes up most of the jersey. This is a stretchy microfiber that feels soft, stretches almost as much as Lycra, and wicks and breathes great. The name comes first from the hydrophilic treatment that is given to the fabric to help draw moisture into the fabric, and second from the thinner drop-shaped areas that run throughout the jersey. This three-dimensional patterning further helps dissipate sweat. The "drops" are actually shaped differently throughout the jersey, minimizing and maximizing stretch where it is needed.For what we politely call anti-odor technology, there are Silver fabric panels under the arms. Silver is Capo's dual-knit microfiber mesh that has silver threads woven into the fabric. - $60.00