Capo Cordura Shoe Cover - $24.95

Wearing socks over cycling shoes is PRO, particularly when the weather is not quite bootie-ready. Not all of us keep enough spare socks on hand to customize a pair for this purpose, hence the birth of the Cordura Shoe Cover. This stretchy Cordura oversock is warmer, fits tighter, and is more durable than the standard sock. It also washes better. When they're new, pull them on, cut the marked area at the bottom so the cleat pokes through. Go. Not only do these add a little warmth, they also hold older shoes with tired Velcro straps tight when rain stretches shoes and loosens straps. The material is 55% Cordura, 15% Polyamide, 25% Lycra, and 5% Elastic. Colors are Black and White. - $24.95