Capo Ceramica Jersey - $169.95

Capo designed the Ceramica Jersey with one objective in mind: to push-the-envelope of cycling apparel. Accordingly, the Ceramica takes many of the construction techniques of the Gruppo Sportivo series, and sprinkles in one of Capo's most advanced fabrics to date, Ceramica. Combined, you'll find an unprecedented level of thermo-regulation, comfort, and fit. What more could you ask for' Starting with the foundation of the jersey, Capo incorporated its new Ceramica fabric over much of the jersey. This material is actually derived from clay, striking its namesake as a bio-ceramic. Now, we know, another cure-all fabric' However, the history of bio-ceramics in the medical industry is quite extensive. Additionally, you might have heard of bio-ceramic fabric being used by Team GB last summer in London, and yes, the story about burning the kits afterwards is true. Essentially, this fabric is created by fusing the polyester base with minerals and ceramic oxides at high temperature. As a result, Ceramica is capable of emitting far infrared light (FIR) into the muscles, which promotes blood flow, which, in turn, delivers more oxygen into the muscles. Capo even claims that Ceramica balances your equilibrium in the saddle and maintains a more consistent level of thermo-regulation than standard Lycras. In addition to prepping for the elements, the Ceramica jersey has been designed to be highly malleable in order to complement the flexibility required of cycling. Accordingly, Capo made the jersey with a lengthened rear hem, a multiple panel construction, and a pre-shaped torso. The idea was to complement the male body in motion, and by doing so, reducing any possibility of abrasion along the way. Even further along these lines, Capo incorporated Carbon ES lateral stretch panels. This microfiber has a four-way stretch construction with elements of carbon fiber within the composition. - $169.95