Capo Ceramica Bib Shorts - $219.95

If you've looked at bib shorts lately, chances are that you've noticed many companies are moving away from standard Lycra blends as their dominant fabric of choice. Instead, designers are listening to feedback from professional riders while, simultaneously, creating new fabrics that work better than the traditional fare. By better, we mean that these advanced materials provide the necessary moisture wicking and breathable qualities that we've come to expect from our shorts, only now, they provide increased muscle support. We're thankful for this, as bib shorts like the Capo Ceramica have incorporated some its latest fabric technologies into an all-new design that keeps us more supported and comfortable than ever before. For the construction of the Ceramica bib shorts, Capo used its new Ceramica Lycra, HG Lycra, and V-Mesh 360. New for 2013, the Ceramica fabric, as the name implies, is actually made with natural clay-based yarns. Testing showed Capo that, by implementing this material into its fabrics, increased circulation and temperature regulation could be achieved over previous Lycra iterations. You'll notice the distinct honeycomb appearance of this fabric, which, in addition to providing exceptional moisture transfer from the skin to the material's outer layer, is also extremely durable. This characteristic comes as a much-welcomed side effect of compressive fabrics. And because the Ceramica is a tight-knit, 36-gauge material used to securely hold your muscles in place, the fabric also yields a dense feel with a heightened level of durability. Capo targeted abrasion-prone inner-thigh and saddle panels with this material specifically for this reason. Side leg panels received Capo's high-gauge (HG) Lycra. This is also a highly compressive material that is abrasion-resistant. The HG was treated with Coldblack technology, a finish that doesn't wash out and is also able to dissipate heat better than other stretch fabrics. - $219.95