Capo Bacio Women's Jersey - $119.95

Sure, the Capo Bacio Women's Jersey turns heads when it's on a hanger. However, aesthetics alone won't help you in the saddle. That's why Capo paid close attention to the Bacio's fit and fabric selection. As a result, Capo has created a jersey that lives for hot summer days, providing anatomic comfort mile after mile. The secret is to the Bacio's success is the liberal use of Capo's HydroDrop fabric over much of the jersey. This material is a stretchy microfiber that feels soft-to-the-touch, stretches almost as much as Lycra, and wicks and breathes with tremendous efficiency. The name comes first from the hydrophilic treatment that's given to the fabric in order to draw moisture away from the body and into the fabric. Secondly, its name is derived from the thinner drop-shaped areas that run throughout the jersey. This three-dimensional patterning further helps dissipate sweat. The 'drops' are actually shaped differently throughout the jersey, minimizing and maximizing stretch wherever it's needed. The side panels are made of Capo's Silver fabric. Silver is a dual-knit microfiber mesh that has silver threads woven into the fabric. You'll see what we're talking about when you turn the jersey inside out. The silver is naturally anti-bacterial, keeping that potentially odoriferous zone of your jersey smelling ready for polite company. To house all of your ride essentials, the jersey features three ample-sized rear pockets. And to dump heat in a hurry on particularly hard climbs, Capo also installed a full-length semi-autolock front zipper. The Capo Bacio Women's Jersey is available in four sizes from X-Small to Large and in the colors Black, Celeste, Red, and White. - $119.95