Capita NAS Snowboard - 2012/2013 - $379.95

The Capita "NAS" (Normal Ass Snowboard) is comfortable and stable out of the box, and quick edge-to-edge. It's powerful and predictable, and flat-out charges. With traditional camber, stripped down graphics and a great price tag, the NAS isn't confusing; it gives you what you know, what you need and nothing more. Positive camber elongates the effective edge and provides more power in the nose and tail; board pops harder and has more high speed turning stability. Progressive sidecut provides easy turn initiation while offering control and stability throughout the turn, and maximum power when exiting. SS Select wood core is engineered for anytime, anywhere reliable performance; it provides a perfect balance between energy, stability and pop. Biaxial fiberglass configuration results in a board that initiates turns easily while retaining the pop needed to handle variable conditions. 2 x 20mm carbon Kevlar(R) beams further increase ollie power and response. High Molecular Composition (HMC) Extruded base is low maintenance and user friendly, and it performs well with or without constant waxing and attention. HMC base is denser, more durable and more abrasion-resistant than standard extruded bases-it's hard, fast and reliable. Features a transparent silk-screened topsheet and durable 360deg steel edges. . - $379.95