Canada Goose Aviator Hat - $250.00

The Canada Goose Aviator Hat might as well be called the Coyote Hat. Why, you ask? This Canada Goose hat Features a coyote fur ruff visor and earflaps, a turn-of-the-century feature that was used to keep pilots warm in open cockpits. Maybe you won?t find yourself flying in any open cockpits, but you will find yourself fully protected from the elements in this hat. Coyote fur never freezes or holds water. Paired with the water-resistant Arctic-Tech fabric exterior, The Coyote?err, I mean Aviator Hat keeps your head warm, dry, and safe from chilly winds. Features of the Canada Goose Aviator Hat Water-resistant Arctic-Tech fabric exterior for durability and weather resistance Coyote fur ruff visor and ear-flaps Are a turn-of the-century functional feature that kept pilots warm in an open cockpit at High speeds Adjustable buckle chin strap for High wind or High speed action 2 1/2in. Canada Goose disc on left side Natural coyote fur - $250.00