Campagnolo Replacement Brake Pad Set with Holder - Set of 4 - $125.99

For 2011, Campagnolo changed their brake pads. The older design relied solely on an interference fit between the pad and holder to stay put. The only limitation to the design was the potential for the pads to back out if you had your brakes pulled tight and rolled the bike backwards. In reality it wasn't a safety issue at all. In fact, we can attest to how difficult it was to actually get them out. It seemed that only a determined effort and bent-back fingernails could get the job done.The new Campagnolo Brake Pad design uses the same dovetail cross section to slide into the machined pad holder. This means that these are backwards compatible with 2000 - 2009 Campagnolo pad holders. The key difference is that they have a detent in the rearward end of the backside of the pad that accepts a spring clip for retention. The Campagnolo Replacement Brake Pads with Holders contains four pads and holders with all the associated hardware. This is enough for one complete bike. The brake shoes themselves are black. They're compatible with Super Record, Record, and Chorus brakesets. If your calipers were purchased in the year 2000 or later, you're all set. - $125.99