Campagnolo Eurus 2-Way Fit Black Clincher - $1,150.00

As Campagnolo sees it, the top honors for aluminum clinchers fall evenly on the shoulders of the Shamal Ultras and the Eurus 2-Way Fit Black Clincher. We see why. With only 60 grams between them, yet around $300, the two share nearly everything. So, if you're more inclined to drop the big change on carbon race wheels, compared to aluminum trainers, the Eurus 2-Ways are right up your alley. An easily distinguishing aspect of the Eurus is the rear spoke pattern that features seven sets of three parallel-laced aerodynamic spokes The spokes also receive Campagnolo's Spoke Anti-Rotation System, designed to keep the spokes correctly positioned for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and reduced drag. Easily accessible lightweight aluminum nipples further reduce rotational weight, also making adjustments much easier than with internal nipples. The front wheel has 16 spokes, laced radially. The Eurus 2-Ways are built with a 26mm-deep front rim for optimal handling and a 30mm rear for stability and stiffness-not deep enough to blow you over in a crosswind, but still aerodynamic enough to gain some advantages. Campy also used their Toroidal Milling technology in the rim design, a process that machines out material between the spokes to further reduce the rotational weight of the wheel. Updated this year is Campy's 2-Way rim fit technology. 2-Way Fit creates a tight, seamless interface between the tire bead and rim, so you can use traditional clinchers or tubeless clinchers. Campagnolo's patented MoMag system (Mounting Magnet) is also applied to the Eurus through a rather ingenious process. Each aluminum nipple is inserted through the valve hole and guided to the point of connection via a magnet, creating a rim without holes on the upper bridge. The advantages to eliminating rim holes are plentiful. To start, maintenance and spoke replacement is quick and relatively simple. - $1,150.00