Camp USA Air Harness - $54.99

The Camp USA Air Harness is a super lightweight harness for rock or alpine Climbing. Constructed with a thin, perforated foam padding it's definitely not for hanging in the harness for hours, but it helps shed weight when you're counting every ounce. Stretchy, connected rear risers won't restrict when taking a break and fixed leg loops provide a precise Fit. If fast and speedy pursuits Are your thing, then the Air Harness will treat you well. Features of the Camp USA Air Harness World's lightest and most breathable Performance rock harness Edge-Load Construction on the waist and legs Pre-Threaded Buckle on the waist Patented Flat Link elastic straps connecting the waist and legs Patented No-Twist belay loop 4 webbing reinforced gear loops and a chalk bag loop Hub racking biner compatible - $54.99