Caldwell Lead Sled Plus With E-Max Muffs - $119.88

The next generation of Lead Sled is here. Like the original, the Lead Sled Plus reduces recoil up to 95%, while securely holding the gun on target. This model has an adjustable weight tray that holds up to 100 lbs. and accommodates a variety of weight types, including 25-lb. barbell weights, sand or lead-shot bags. A precise no-wobble elevation shaft eliminates play in front elevation. Fingertip elevation adjustment. Includes filled front bag. Harness has a padded rear rest. Rugged rubber feet. Height-adjustable rear foot. Ideal for magnum rifles and slug guns. Includes green E-Max low-profile, electronic ear muffs (a $34.99 value), which block sound above 85 decibels. Made in USA.Weight: 15 lbs. Dimensions: 27L x 12W x 13H. - $119.88