Caldwell Lead Sled DFT - $199.99

The Lead Sled DFT took the original ground-breaking Lead Sled recoil reduction and improved it. Dual Frame Technology (DFT) and specially constructed front rest bag and foam-lined rear cradle solidly stabilize a rifle or shotgun to eliminate nearly all vibration and felt recoil. It adjusts 22 forward and back to fit most firearms. Rear elevation knob adjusts 2 to make target centering an easy one-handed operation. Baffled tray secures up to 100 lbs. of weight (four 25-lb. bags of lead shot, not included) to tame the heaviest magnums. Nonskid rubber feet. Wt: 24 lbs. 30L x 12W x 13H. Type: Rests. - $199.99